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“Established in 2018 by art and design professionals Clélie Debehault and Liv Vaisberg, Collectible is the only fair in the world to solely focus on 21st-century design. Located in central Brussels, Collectible contributes to positioning Belgium as a place for innovation and a vibrant international design destination.”

Looking for inspiration we were there recently, as besides books we are also interested in “Beautiful Things”. Here is the report of our trip from March 4–6!

We talked to co-founder Liv Vaisberg about the concept and development of the platform, discovered lots of exciting objects and at the same time explored the city a bit. What we saw made an impression. 

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Collectible at Espace Vanderborght

“The Vanderborght building is the perfect setting for design objects and furniture presentation: its atrium generates a light shaft that illuminates the six floors of the building, the infrastructure is composed of museum quality walls.”

Inside view, 7-storey Vanderborght building

“Breaking away from the traditional fair format, Collectible seeks to reinterpret the design fair model by offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in an open and integrated space where designers, design studios, galleries, institutions and foundations come together.

Collectible shows that 21st century collectible design is also for all art lovers. The presence of cultural institutions, as well as the particular care given to the pedagogical aspects, contribute to its unique format.”

Vienna Design Week at Collectible, Silvia Jaklitsch and Dajana Dorfmayr

Nadja Zerunian at Collectible

As you can see, Vienna was also represented at the Collectible with individual positions—Nadja Zerunian and Rauminhalt—as well as the Vienna Design Week.

The Belgians we met, throughout open, friendly and tastefully styled people, young and old, with a humorous touch. Impressive also the shops and their beautifully arranged shop windows, the creative and also craftsmanlike designs. And all this together against the backdrop of a varied architecture and a heterogeneous urban landscape.

Img 9938

Somewhere in Brussels, Photo: © Florent Souly

Img 9971

Florent Souly

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Photo: © Florent Souly

Fosbury & Sons building by architect Constantin Brodzki, Photo: © Florent Souly

Years ago Liv came to the city. Back then, ten years ago, the creative scene didn't look as colorful as it does today. 

“The third edition of Collectible presents an expanded roster of over 100 international exhibitors and an exciting new panorama of unique and limited edition works by practitioners from a mixed range of disciplines, sitting at the crossroads of design, architecture and art.”

Collectible, Photo: © Florent Souly


Img 9961

Collectible, Photo: © Florent Souly

About the founders:

“Clélie Debehault is an art and design consultant based in Paris and Brussels. Her professional experience lies in both the primary and secondary art markets. She has worked as a director at Galerie Vedovi in Brussels, as well as an associate director at Galerie Templon in Paris, and now advises companies, including luxury brands, online platforms, galleries, architects and designers, on the national and international development of their activities in art and design.

Based in Antwerp, international artistic director Liv Vaisberg brings her innovative ideas and solid art fair experience to Collectible. The initiator of Poppositions – an art fair located in Brussels, and the former co-director of Independent Brussels, the Brussels’ edition of the avant-garde art fair in New York, she also founded Complex, a concierge service in Brussels tailored to the world of art and design.”

Photo: © Florent Souly

Photo: © Florent Souly

Img 9959

Photo: © Florent Souly

Worth seeing. We have not only collected ideas, “Beautiful Things” and sightseeing images but also personal impressions, which we would like to share. 

Have fun experiencing it...

Img 9969

Silvia and Dajana in the mood for sience fiction, enjoying the Giorgio Apéro at Fosbury & Sons, Photo: © Florent Souly

Img 9918

Handmade flowers, Pop-up Store at Rue Léon Lepage 2, Fashion District

Img 9934

Le Comptoir de Tom, Photo: © Florent Souly

Img 9956

Gezondheid!, Photo: © Florent Souly