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GLEIN by Sebastian Leitinger

GLEIN designs and produces plain everyday products with highly aesthetic standards. Essentially, it is about the appreciation of high quality materials and simple, good design. Because we really like their bags, shoes and furniture, a few GLEIN products are now available in our webshop. Interesting facts and background information about the company can be found here.

GLEIN is a small, versatile team based around product designer and founder, Sebastian Leitinger. Project-oriented, the team cooperates closely with external designers, with specialized technicians, and with the production plants. Since the beginning of his studies, Sebastian Leitinger has been concerned with reductive design, regional production, sustainable materials, and the question of how good products are created. In the beginning he was mainly concerned with furniture design, then gradually bag and textile projects were added. In 2014, together with fashion designer Mario Gamser, Leitinger started to develop a universal, modest, and comfortable everyday shoe constructed of preferably regional materials. In 2014, after a good three years of development, he founded GLEIN with the intention of building while following the same philosophy, a portfolio of sophisticated everyday products. In addition to shoes and other leather goods, a range of furniture conceptualized in collaboration with product designer Lukas Novak made by hand in Vienna from massive wood went into production. 

Sebastian 1

Sebastian Leitinger

GLEIN designs and produces plain everyday products with highly aesthetic standards. Essentially, it is about the appreciation of high quality materials and simple, good design. But it is also about the question of what it is that makes good design and how a designer can cooperate with the manufacturer to ensure that qualitatively sophisticated products can transcend seasonal trends. Also important is the social aspect: GLEIN produces exclusively in the EU, and therefore uses materials which are produced according to EU social and ethical standards.

Pocket Wallet

The first collection of leather ware was made from Vacchetta, an extremely fine leather which is tanned using vegetable dyes and produced in Tuscany using an elaborate traditional process. Vacchetta is one of the earliest forms of leather, it is very robust and ages well. It darkens gradually under exposure to sunlight and develops an attractive and distinctive patina over time. 

Product designs are based on an analysis of the materials and production processes. On the basis of results obtained, function, implementation, and feel are defined. As soon as a decision is finalized on the basic idea for the product, a reduced language of form with a high concentration on detail is developed. The goal is an authentic and sustainable product.

In 2018, the range of leather goods and shoes was extended and the first examples of serial furniture was included/offered. leather goods and shoe assortment were extended and first serial furniture included. In spring, the portfolio will expanded for the first time through clothing: T-shirts and sweaters made from a specially developed jersey. It comprises of a 50/50 mixture of beech and cellulose fiber and yields a robust, but soft fabric that is more breathable than conventional cotton jersey. For 2019 knitwear is planned as the next primary topic.

In 2017, GLEIN was a program partner of Vienna Design Week as well as being represented at Blickfang and at Feschmarkt in Vienna.

Enjoy shopping!

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