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Life Ball Style Bible
An homage to The Sound of Music

The magic of the lavishly sumptuous scenes from the film in a new guise

The Verlag für moderne Kunst works regularly with artists and artistic institutions who draw attention to highly charged contemporary social and artistic questions. The Style Bible – which occupies the interface between photography, fashion, design and theatre – is a charitable project that fits neatly into our diverse programme. 

With its opulent and creatively elaborate photo spread this is an aesthetically effective means of conveying the Life Ball message of “Diversity, Tolerance, Understanding”. We are delighted to be able to use our global network to distribute and, as a result, generate enormous attention for the Style Bible.

Designed by Michael Balgavy, the book was presented in the stylish surroundings of Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg. In addition to selected photographs by Markus Morianz we offer insights into the aesthetic process followed by Gery Keszler and his team. As every year, the sumptuous costumes are being worn by such well-known figures as Anna Netrebko, Dagmar Koller and Elisabeth Gürtler as they energetically support the good cause by donning a nun’s habit or mounting a horse. 

Lbsb18 Horse Ladies

"Horse Ladies", Photo: Markus Morianz

“This year’s edition of the Style Bible on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Life Ball is a grandiose testimony to the combined creativity of the countless artists who have supported the ball and its aims over the years. With this homage to the Hollywood classic ‘The Sound of Music’ we are immersing ourselves this year in Austria’s history, culture, customs and clichés. We want this artistic reinvention of our subject to demonstrate that tradition and a modern, humanistic way of life don’t have to be antitheses. And the book also takes the opportunity to look back on our history. Many of the splendid costumes from the 25-year-history of the Life Ball that appear in the sensually intoxicating ball scenes reflect both its rich history and its dynamic, auspicious future. The VfmK – Verlag für moderne Kunst is an ideal partner as we seek to present the artistically complex production of the Style Bible to an international public." Gery Keszler, CEO LIFE+ and Organiser of the Life Ball

Lbsb18 Ball

"Ball", Photo: Markus Morianz

The Sound of Music

I go to the hills
when my heart is lonely.
I know I will hear
what I’ve heard before.
My heart will be blessed
with the sound of music.
And I’ll sing once more. 

“In this very special edition of the annual Style Bible we have complemented the sumptuously staged scenes from the film with a delightful series of behind-the-scenes images. The result is that one is forced to appreciate even more the details of every costume and the huge logistical effort required to create each original setting. It is an enormous pleasure to witness so many gifted people performing and creating as they make their contribution to the values, the uniqueness and the long-term success of this life-affirming charity.” Michael Balgavy, Art Direction

Lbsb18 Skomin

"Skomin", Photo: Markus Morianz

“This year marks the tenth occasion on which I have been able to accompany the Life Ball as the photographer of the Style Bible. Every year the implementation of the theme of the ball becomes more lavish and more complex and this year’s decision to produce the individual subjects in a series of locations across Austria’s ‘Wild West’ rather than the familiar studio in Vienna was an exciting challenge that I was delighted to accept. I was supported by a wonderful cast and an excellent team of creative helpers without whom the realisation of this time-consuming project would never have been possible.” Markus Morianz, Photographer

Lbsb18 Golden Boy And Angel

"Golden Boy and Angel", Photo: Thomas Morianz

Thanks to all contributors! 

Verlag für moderne Kunst