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viennacontemporary 2019

Again we were having a bookstore at viennacontemporary! This year in cooperation with Buchhandlung Walther König (Vienna), c/o ViennaMAK Design ShopOstLicht BookshopSous-Bois100 Häuser and many others. 

At this point a big thank you to all our valued partners including the managing team of viennacontemporary especially Tanya van Breda Vriesman, for her great support! You will find some impressions from the very beginning until the completion of the project in the following. 

Dsc 2641

Photo: © Martin Stöbich

We were situated right in front of the entrance with our carefully chosen selections, the labels BatlinerFerrari ZöchlingGleinIdamariJulsPetz HornmanufakturSagan ViennaSaint Charles ViennaSpolia and Traits Paris.

© Apollonia Theresa Bitzan 20190926173123 15 A5930

Photo: © Apollonia Theresa Bitzan

Dsc 2657

Ann Muller "Codemania", 2019, Photo: © Martin Stöbich

The sophisticated booth was designed by Florent Souly, who, inspired by Kraftwerk, ventured into the construction.  

Dsc 2628

Photo: © Martin Stöbich

Photo: @ Martin Stöbich

The analogy to the luxurious mirror halls is obvious. The shelves have proved to be a proper presentation surface for a wide variety of objects: publications, handbags, unique porcelain items were reflected in them like patchworks and the surrounding became one with the objects. Chameleon-like, these colors and moods were taken up.

Img 9326

Silvia Jaklitsch, Manfred Unger and Georg Buchegger, Photo: © Apollonia Theresa Bitzan

Artist and illustrator Ana Popescu presented beautiful notebooks and cards, inspired by the mid-century mansions and villas of Palm Springs. A collaboration with Wrap Magazine. 

Dsc 2650

Photo: @ Martin Stöbich

Besides book and design, this time we also presented editions by the artists Julian MullanAnn MullerOlaf OstenMartin Stöbich und Anna Riess

We are looking forward to future projects like this!

© Apollonia Theresa Bitzan 20190926181406 15 A6036

Photo: © Apollonia Theresa Bitzan