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Culture Disco Porzellanbecher
Vincent Moustache

Tassen  Blau  Gruen 151204 162851

In the good old days things were better — if not everything, often design was.


  • Marke

    Culture Disco

  • Material


  • Maße

    10,5 cm Ø 8,5 cm

  • Gewicht

    314 g je Becher

  • Info


About the product

Inspired by classic tableware used in the former People’s Republic of Poland, which at the time was used everywhere,from the famous milk bars to kindergartens and cafeterias, Culture Disco brings a revival to this beloved simple cup design in collaboration with international artists and designers. French illustrator Vincent Moustache will be first to make the Culture Disco mug a collector’s item and a daily companion: in the morning for a black coffee, for an afternoon lemonade or for an absolutely cool midnight cocktail.