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Wolfgang Flad
more or everything

Wolfgang Flad Front Blue 1700Px 300Dpi

In 2016, Berlin-based sculptor Wolfgang Flad installed a “suspended abstraction” in the towering atrium of the Tampa Museum of Art in Florida. “Kiss and Tell” consists of 30 winding forms that create a coherent whole and can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways according to mood, perspective or the incidence of light.


  • Editor

    Atelier Wolfgang Flad, Sylvia van der Woude

  • Text

    Thomas Hirsch, Seth D. Pevnick, Vincent Schmidt

  • Design

    Michaela Binder

  • Language


  • Details

    Paperback, 27,5 x 21 cm, 192 pages, 143 ills. in color

  • ISBN


About the product

 “More or everything” documents the evolution of this large-scale installation, which was exhibited in Tampa for two years, and, by means of numerous sketches, exhibition views and photos, provides an insight into the sculptor’s oeuvre and working methods. The presentation of additional works highlights their unquestionable distance to classic figuration and simultaneously, in their complexity, they can be understood in the context of the history of sculpture as a whole. Wolfgang Flad’s works pose the question as to what extent sculpture as a haptic medium contributes to our awareness of today’s ultra-smooth virtual world.