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Alphablast by Marco Dessi
J. & L. Lobmeyr

They are in the collection of MoMA in New York, they appear on the tables of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants, the best designers design them, and they are esteemed by people throughout the world: 

Glassware from the Viennese manufacturer L. & L. Lobmeyr exerts a universal fascination. That is why Verlag für moderne Kunst presents its favorite drinking set here.

We open this blog post with the quote from Murray Moss because he encapsulates the mission of J. & L. Lobmeyr as a company: "When you go from a normal glass to this, it modifies your behaviour. You become more graceful. – And that’s an extraordinary thing to get for seventy dollars."


In 1823, Josef Lobmeyr opened the first small store in Vienna, the commencement of what would become a glass dynasty. The company’s present store on Vienna’s Kärntner Strasse is owned and managed by members of the sixth generation of the Lobmeyr family. 

Inspired by history, the expertise of the craftsmen, and the beauty of the wonderful material, Lobmeyr works continuously on a contemporary interpretation of glass. With this design by Marco Dessi Lobmeyr’s drinking set No 267 “Alpha” (1952) by Hans Harald Rath receives a new facet:

Oranges as the point of departure

Orange net with its interesting structure

Orange net used as a sandblast template

Graphic ornament

"For my contribution to this year’s 'Foodmarket', a project by 'Apartamento Magazine', which this year focuses entirely on fruit and vegetables, I chose oranges as my point of departure and decided to 'marry' them with the finest, most sophisticated, hand-blown Lobmeyr glass. The orange net otherwise barely visible, has indeed a very interesting structure. Used as a sandblast template one immediately notices a wonderful graphic, almost three-dimensional 'impression'. The application of the ornamentation requires an extremely deft touch and in the avoidance of the uniformity of symmetry, one gains an impression of vibrancy and freshness that underscores the citrus inspiration", Marco Dessi 2010 in "Dezeen".

Marco Dessi *1976 lives and works in Vienna.

Verlag für moderne Kunst shares the enthusiasm for beautiful glass and expresses its gratitude for the cooperation of the Viennese manufacturer J. & L. Lobmeyr – also to Marco Dessi for the exquisite Après Design.

The drinking set “Alphablast” has recently become available in our shop. Enjoy!