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VON AU by Sebastian Vonderau

The VON AU label creates jewelry for a cosmopolitan and self-confident target group – for people who place importance on adorning themselves with exceptional and stand-alone objects and consider jewelry a form of ornament that lends itself superbly to self-expression. Interesting facts and background information about the company can be found here.

Sebastian Vonderau happened upon jewelry design almost by chance. After studying Industrial Design at FH Joanneum in Graz he initially worked in classic product design but then decided to study under Brigitte Kowanz at Vienna’s University of Applied Art. In order to finance his studies he started designing jewelry for a Viennese jeweler on a freelance basis. Jewelry design soon turned out to be the perfect interface between sculpture and products.

Sebastian Vonderau

When coming up with a new design, he usually has only a rather vague notion, one which continues to take shape until it is concrete enough to be sketched out as a drawing. Then a three-dimensional model is produced in virtual space. Vonderau gradually constructs prototypes using a 3D printer – starting with the first study of proportions and continuing right up until he has achieved the finished shape. He prints his final designs in castable wax and then casts them in silver. These master models are then re-molded and the resultant models used for all the subsequent pieces.



"I always allow myself one year for a collection. I consciously allow myself that much time to develop something enduring. On top of this, it is not only one single piece that needs to be designed for a collection but an entire family. A design has to run through many loops before it has the right overall look. Then what we have in the end is a clear statement, which makes jewelry what it is, as I see it."

All the pieces are made of 925 silver and are produced in Upper Austria. The manufacturer sources recycled silver from an Austrian metal refinery. The iron pieces in the new collection MARS come from a foundry outside Mariazell. The factory there has a very long tradition in manufacturing iron jewelry. This craft is sadly dying out. Which is why Vonderau is particularly gratified to be collaborating with the association there which runs the museum of mining history attached to the foundry. Because the manufacturing process takes place in Austria and uses raw materials from Austria it is not only the case that the production process has recourse to sustainable resources of the highest standard – a high-grade product can also be guaranteed.

VON AU stands for expressive jewelry – big and eye-catching –, it aims at challenging and demands a conscious decision from its wearer. These are early days for the brand and Vonderau still has a number of plans to fulfill.



"The most important thing is to find the right people to help you establish and communicate a brand. From the manufacturer to the graphic designer, the photographer and all the other people who are involved. And that is the greatest fun of all. The logo, the photos, the model, the jewelry boxes and the two collections, KADABRA and MARS, which point the way to the kind of label that I am thinking about – idiosyncratic, stylish and special."

Thank you Sebastian!