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André Butzer
Press Releases, Letters, Conversations, Texts, Poems 1994–2020 Volume 2

Butzer Cover

With more than twice as much pages, even rarer sources and an urging immediacy, the second volume of André Butzer’s collected writings, thus surely, is double the fun.



    Alexander Linn / Edition Linn


    André Butzer


    Noor Brara, Melanie Franke, Sarah Lasalle, Frank-Thorsten Moll, Philippe Pourhashemi, Eliza Reichel, David Schutter, Michael Slenske, Lena Tilk, Lily Wang, Sebastian Wehlings, Josef Zekoff and many more


    Studio Martin Steiner




    Paperback, 19.5 x 14.5 cm, 464 pages, numerous ills.

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About the product

Due 20+ conversations, let alone over 200 poems, the book offers personal access right into the middle of André Butzer’s unique artistic thinking, illuminating both his practice as well as his biography. Once more, editor Alexander Linn has upped the ante with this seminal collection, suitable for enthusiasts and experts alike.