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Isolde Loock
HENRY LAMPE Artist's Publication in 2 Volumes


HENRY: Who is Henry Vol. 1 “Porträt eines Unbekannten”

Isolde Loock declares her late friend's apartment as an ‘objet trouvé’, everything remains in its original condition. She invites seven artists to live there for a while in order to get an idea of him, the “Porträt eines Unbekannten”.

LAMPE: Who is Henry Vol. 2 “Porträt eines Freundes”

In her “Porträt eines Freundes” she uses the photos and estimates of a sworn auctioneer from the inventory of the apartment. She contrasts this mercantile perspective with personal notes and diary entries of the deceased as an imagined self-portrait.



    Isolde Loock with Anne Thurmann-Jajes, Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen in der Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst


    Anne Thurmann-Jajes


    Achim Bertenburg, Claudia Cristoffel, Craig Havens, Isolde Loock, M. O. Rüdiger, Sandy Volz, Doris Weinberger, Sabine Wewer


    Wolfgang Ullrich with Isolde Loock


    Marion Kliesch

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    Linen Hardcover, 2 volumes in 1 purchase,164 + 160 pages, 23.5 x 16.9 cm, 129 ills. in color

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About the product

In the artist publication HENRY we accompany the guests to put themselves mentally and physically into the ‘shell’ of a stranger who just lived here and will never return: “The special opportunity to penetrate the intimate areas of a person to be able to do so without being prevented from doing so, or even to be asked to do so, is justified by the artistic project. The artists exposed themselves to an exceptional situation, until sleeping in the bed of the deceased. Everything remained unchanged, the answering machine was still flashing.” (Dr. Anne Thurmann-Jajes).

The book HENRY belongs to the book LAMPE like the first name to the last name of a person. If you place the two books side by side and open them indiscriminately, the charm of an unexpected dialogue unfolds. That presence of the extraordinary in the ordinary. A puzzle game between a look of a stranger and self-reflection.

LAMPE is an imagined self-portrait, based on the friend's notes. The ‘familiar’ view of the deceased: ‘The True Story’. The story based on the documents. His own view of himself and the world and at the same time his intimate cancer journal. The starting point and framework are 72 numbered photographs of a sworn auctioneer from the inventory of the apartment. In addition, the list with the respective estimated value of the objects. From these original photos and the bundle of found notes and letters from the deceased as well as fictitious diaries, a dazzling picture-text montage is created.