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On Orientation

On Orientation Cover

Orientation provides us with a notion of the world around us. The arts-based research "On Orientation" investigates orientation as an activity, an experience, that is neither fixed nor given: an active composing (gardening) of our being-in-the-world.



    Almut Rink


    Anne Eggebert, Ursula Reisenberger, Chiaki Sakaguchi


    Iris Buchholz - Chocolate




    Paperback, 352 pages, 24 x 17 cm, 356 ills. in color

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About the product

Assuming a non-anthropocentric view of the world, the research team has been exploring different systems of composition, set-up eight fitted sculptures as tools, spanning the course of more than two years in the public spaces of Tokyo, London and Vienna. They entered a dialogue with colleagues and artists to question the idea of identity as well as the relationship of subject and object in the field of care and relationship, autonomy and dependence.